Recruitment and Selection

  • Want to know the best place to find top talent? At the front door! Learn to attract the right talent for your organization, and how to hire them the right way.
  • Interviewing and selection are key to ensuring the best fit for your company. Workforce Acceleration works with clients to make sure the questions they ask uncover the information they need to know.
  • “Orientation and Pre-orientation” programs introduce new employees while at the same time; ensure they are well-prepared for their first day. Ask us how we can help you wow your new employees, before they even start work.
  • Proper Promotion and Succession Planning are critical to the on-going success of any company. Learn how to plan for the future and preserve a talent advantage for continued success over the long term!
  • An engaged employee is a loyal employee, one who is there to work for you! Our Employee Engagement Programs help to keep engagement levels high, and to encourage company loyalty.
  • It is easier and far less expensive to keep a good employee engaged than to find a new one.

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