Performance Management and Evaluation Systems

  • Performance Appraisals play an important part to ensuring the success of each employee. PA’s are much more than a list of deliverables and expectations that need to be met.
  • Appraisal time offers an opportunity for managers to help their workforce learn about company goals, initiatives, and to also find out what each employee believes is important. It is a time for listening, yet too often managers do all the talking during the Performance Appraisal interview. No wonder this great communication tool is feared by so many workers.
  • If you’re not sure how to appropriately set up measurable, sustainable performance systems, we can train your managers how to appraise employees for the benefit of both the worker and the employer. We’ll also teach you how to work with them to ensure they are continuously improving, productive members of your workforce.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys help gauge how well you as an employer are doing. Can you name the 10 Biggest Job Complaints in today’s workplace? Our employee satisfaction surveys pinpoint the problem and put plans in place for cost-effective improvements your workers will notice and appreciate! Change does not need to cost a lot.
  • Discipline and termination are difficult for all involved. Employment legislation is not exact, and there is no guarantee that how you handle a situation will hold up in court.
  • Need some guidance with a particular disciplinary issue? Not sure how to handle a termination appropriately? Come to us. We’ll walk with you through the process step-by-step.
  • Short and long term disability can be tough issues to tackle in the workplace. If you’re not sure what your obligations are, or you just need some guidance when absenteeism has become a problem, we can help put together an Attendance Management program that is easy to follow, clearly understood, and beneficial to the bottom-line.

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