Outplacement and Career Transition

  • Group or Individual Outplacement Programs help exited workers through the stressful and often difficult period between employment opportunities. The Career Acceleration Program assists former workers through a step-by-step process designed to shorten the time of unemployment.
  • Outplacement Career Transition programs can often mitigate a former employee taking legal action. Workers need to know you care, both while on your payroll and after.
  • The workers who remain watch how you treat former employees. By treating exiting workers fairly, and with dignity and integrity, the employees who stay remain productive and positive.
  • Having to downsize your workforce can be a stressful and difficult time for any company. Not only are there legal implications, but business continuity, reputation, and worker satisfaction are all at risk. Let us help you design a process that is fair and understandable, one that helps you meet your cost-saving needs without destroying your businessís performance.

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