Operational Policies and Procedures

  • As a company grows, so does its need for increased talent. Companies frequently fail to update processes that align with their new reality; they use the same strategies they always have in hopes that it is enough to carry them forward.
  • Often, it is the same policies, the ones that helped make a small company grow, that halt on-going effectiveness and stagnate growth. Plans that worked at start-up fail to work as companies start to gain traction.
  • New ideas, processes, and strategies are needed to continue to move forward. Yet, business owners become so focused on filling current orders they do not revisit their foundation.
  • Business owners may be too close to the work at hand to see any dangers lurking ahead. Instead of questioning ideas and procedures, they stick with what they believe is tested and true.
  • In most cases, tried and true does not work as the company grows and experiences new challenges.
  • When was the last time you reviewed and updated your strategic directions, processes, or policy and procedure manuals? How can you be sure they still meet your needs and goals?
  • Whether your company needs a review and update, a brand new operations manual, or complete overhaul, Workforce Acceleration is there to help clients formulate strong workforce strategies that help them reach their long-term goals.

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