Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety is the cornerstone for many companies, yet many employers donít know how to develop a culture that clearly demonstrates due diligence. Does yours? Ask us for tips on how to maintain a health and safe workplace while remaining compliant with the law.
  • Developing an effective Health & Safety program can be challenging if you are not familiar with provincial and federal health and safety laws. There are many ways that we can help that are affordable AND impactful.
  • Training is an integral component of any Health & Safety program. If you need training for your management team or your front line employees, we will set up a training program that is fun and engaging while also informational.
  • Joint Health & Safety Committees are mandated by the Health and Safety Act. Do you know what the legal requirements are? Do you have confidence that your JHSC is working the way it should?
  • The announcement of a Work Well Audit doesnít have to be a time to panic. We work with managers and workers to make sure you are ready and compliant.
  • Planning for an emergency is extremely important for any workplace, and because we never know when an emergency will occur, the best possible solution is to be prepared BEFORE it happens. At Workforce Acceleration we can help you develop an action plans the help your workforce know exactly what to do.
  • Workplace Conflict, Violence, and Harassment are hot buttons today. Do you need help developing policies to prevent these issues and manage them if they do occur? Give us a call and we will come to the rescue!

Health & Safety Training Program

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