ALL FOR SAFETY™ - Handling Emergency Situations

AED and CPR Training

Program Outline
  • Legal Responsibilities (understanding consent, applied consent, abandonment)
  • Safeguarding Your Health; Universal Precautions; Communicable Diseases
  • Personal Protective Equipment; Glove Removal; Decontamination Protocols
  • Scene Survey; Primary Survey; Secondary Survey; Ongoing Casualty Care
AED and CPR Core Content:
  • Emergency Scene Management (ESM)
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies and AED
  • One Rescuer CPR - Adult; CPR and AED
  • Choking - (partial and complete airway obstruction adult, special circumstances)
Upon Completion of the Program, participants/companies receive:
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • An Authorized Record of Training
  • Wallet Cards

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