As companies grow,
so do their talent needs.

Companies often fail to update policies and procedures to align current with their new reality.

..often, the same policies that helped make a small company grow are the ones that/which most-often stagnate ongoing growth.

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Recruitment & Selection

Candidate screening and assessment are the key to finding the ideal person for any job. Not sure where to start?

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Performance Management &
Evaluation Systems

“Performance Appraisals” are the key to ensuring the continued success of all of your employees.

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Leadership Development
& Team Building

Just because someone has a title of President, Vice President, or Director, does not mean they are a born leader.

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Health & Safety Protocol

Developing a Health & Safety program can be challenging if you are not familiar with provincial and federal health and safety laws.

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Outplacement & Career Transition

Group or Individual Outplacement Programs help exited workers through the stressful and often difficult period between employment opportunities.

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Employment Law Representation

“In affiliation with our sister company, Ryan-Dowsett Paralegal Services, Workforce Acceleration is capable of ensuring your Human Resource and Employment Law needs are met seamlessly, and cost effectively.

A Professional Approach, an Affordable Legal Alternative.

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